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 Dates and such

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PostSubject: Dates and such   Sun Nov 01, 2009 10:52 am

Can I get a time table for Cirdastan,
When we landed, how long we've been there,
important events,
fort built
dedication of the temple and Palihood bestowed
and dates for various adventures. 2 trips to the jungle, the crown thing , the couch thing.

+ I'd like to know of the 84 professional soldier we have what portion have taken farming land , and or brough families with them, how many took city housing lots

Dito for the labourers I figure we had 136 labourers, likely we would offer citizenship to all those who were not assholes, I figure we would have sent 10% packing at the end of their contracts. leaving us with about 120 , how many of these would like to stay, and how many are bringing familes.
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Dates and such
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