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 Avatars in this forum: must be reloaded

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PostSubject: Avatars in this forum: must be reloaded   Tue Nov 17, 2009 5:12 pm

Recently, our personalized avatars haven't been appearing in the forum. Instead, we've been seeing the dreaded red x.

After seeing that Craig's new avatar is being displayed, I tried reloading mine. It seems that the max. allowed image size has been reduced, because my avatar file is 480 pixels high X 377 wide, and the stated forum limit is 200 H X 150 W. (On the other hand, there's nothing about this in the meta-forum, so I don't know what the problem really is/was.) I changed the forum's allowed image size to 500 H X 400 W but the resulting avatar is much too large (nor did everyone else's avatars appear as I had hoped). So, I reduced my image to 191 H X 150 W using Microsoft Photo Editor (Image > Resize; do not allow distortion) and uploaded it.

She works!

The solution is to re-upload your avatar file (via Profile > Avatar).
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Avatars in this forum: must be reloaded
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