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 Conflagration New spells

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PostSubject: Conflagration New spells   Wed Apr 07, 2010 3:08 pm

This has only a slight increase in actual area of effect over fireball but because its a more effective shape (especially for outside uses) that I lowered the max damage.

The colder but more complete fire makes it different enough from the other spells. The special save rules makes its unlikely that small fry will escape its effect but the colder fire can totally defeated by higher characters with fire protection spells/items and probably some creature’s natural immunity.


Range 10 yard +10/level VSM
1 round 3 seg
60x60 cube 36000 cu. ft special

Conflagration causes the very air in a 60x60x10 foot zone to erupt in flames and remain for the remainder of the round. The flame is not as hot as a fireball but so completely fills the area that saves are only allowed for those within 10 feet of the edge of the square or those who can fly straight up immediately after combustion. Saves for equipment are made for regular fire. Those unable to leave the area of effect take 1-4/level with the possibility of 1-6 extra if the area is full of combustibles such as a dry forest floor, library, and late season hay field. There is no limitations on orientation as the blocks may be placed on there vertical, horizontal, even the ceiling for bat and stirge control. The material component is a vial of flammable liquid with a rag stuffed in the top.

Greater Conflagration

Alteration VSM
Range 50 yard +10/level 5 Seg
1 round special
80x80 or 120 x 40 64000 cu ft

As Conflagration but with a greater range, area of effect and a more flexible shape
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PostSubject: Re: Conflagration New spells   Thu Apr 08, 2010 11:02 pm

My thoughts...

I would say it could also be a druid type spell.

Characters whose base movement is 18" or greater should save for half no matter where they are in the area of effect.

I don't think that non-magical combustibles burning in the area of effect should add to the damage - since this is magic fire normal combustibles do not burn as hot - I don't think the damage could be cumulative. You could however start a fire that will last longer and continue doing damage.

If the victim is wearing a Ring of fire resistance would that mean half damage with a save for 1/4 or would it be treated as a normal fire and produce no damage?

As an alternative way of determining damage one could leave the damage at 4hp per level (no roll required) and instead of a saving throw, the damage is reduced for how quickly they can get out of the area. ie it takes half a round to get out of the area of effect, you would take 2hp per level. If you don't leave you take full damage. Assume a 10th level mage and you're looking at 40hp damage if you can't/don't move.
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PostSubject: Re: Conflagration New spells   Thu Apr 08, 2010 11:30 pm

My rationale is that the very air is on fire, only those right at the fringe cans see where out is, as well fireball is over in an instant, can be blocked, dodged, shielded, this spell fills every nook and cranny of the area including up you nostrils, you will take damage unless you are out in a split second.

More fuel= more fire=more damage and 1-6 total compared to 1-4/level is not that significant.

What a ring protects against depends on what the DM decides this spells heat catagory is ,
normal, fire, oil
very hot , wall of flame , large fire
or exceptionaly hot, dragon/fireball.
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PostSubject: Re: Conflagration New spells   

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Conflagration New spells
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