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 Strategy against ourselves

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PostSubject: Strategy against ourselves   Thu Sep 09, 2010 12:08 pm

Just thinking out loud...

Do we need to be tightly packed or else our copies could appear amongst us? Do we need our defenses right up against us or else the copies appear between us and the traps? Last time, how far away from us did the copies appear?

We have Evards, Firestorm, oil and marbles surrounding us. We can add, Prayers, chants, poetics, stinking clouds, etc... before we pick up the sword. If the copies appear outside our traps they could release long range attacks at our tightly packed formation (ouch)

Will the fire affect the Evards? How badly? Should we be setting up the defenses in rows?

Can someone telekenis the sword into the bag of holding and avoid the encounter? Could we use a pre-set wall of force to keep the copies at bay as we teleport away?

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PostSubject: Re: Strategy against ourselves   Mon Sep 13, 2010 6:54 pm

If memory operates, the doubles appeared at or near melee range.

Theoretically, since we are anticipating their appearance, we should be able to get the drop on them.

Also, was there a double for everyone in the party last time? What could the rule be that determines whether a given person's double appears? If it's based on distance from the "final" sword, we could have party members stay back initially (i.e., to avoid being "doubled").
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Strategy against ourselves
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