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 Reconstructing the time line

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PostSubject: Reconstructing the time line   Mon Dec 13, 2010 5:08 pm

Some time before we arrived to set up a town we toured the wild coast finding the Suel city of Cirria, founded by Gantar shortly before or after the colorless rain.

On the way back on foot we attacked an orc encapment( this may or may not have been the underground bunker.


19- portable fort built, palisade, ditch work begins

9—Destroy orc patrol (c. 12), all killed
14—Orc patrol encountered, 1 escaped

28—Attacked by orcs, 1 escaped (orc priest)

left to find source of gold crown found while digging.


2—Arrival of 5 elves, 3 farmers, 2 shepherds, 2 fishermen
5—Destroy orc camp in clearing for 2nd time (100-man underground barracks)
Returned with magic seeds

19—Meet force of 200 orcs + ogres + humans; kill half (fire balled army well away from town.)

6—20 orcs killed attacking fort (we are absent)
12—200 orcs, humans, hobgoblins, and bugbears killed attacking fort (10% escape) [i] I don't recollect this[/i]


13—Audience with Lord Mayor of Greyhawk
28—Sharna appears

28- construction complete on 1st plan, palisade, floog gates, gatehouse entrance.

?—Capture orc/Pomarj pirate ship

I would think we dedicated the temple in patchwall before we left for our first Amedio adventure, giving us 2 months to travel and trade, Johnathan how long was a boat trip to Amedio? there is no way the below dates are all correct, moving consecration back gives us two months to go down, 2 to come back plus a little extra to go find her chalice.

Sun's Ebb
10—Dedication of goddess' temple. Name revealed as Cirda. Mass voluntary conversions.
20—Cirda appears to us aboard our merchant ship; free Harcourt


23—Present Goblet of Purification to priestess of Cirda

After this we found the sky ship, searched it and abandoned it for the winter, and probably headed down to zombie town.

After zombie town we invited sages down to research the ship and then did our second Amedio adventure which was probably 2 months travel each way and at least 2-3 months in the jungle, eating up most of year 494

In the beginning of 495 (first week after needfest) we had our grand fete for Lysse in Greyhawk,

Took the Oghma library job and returned home in Readying,

The Fact that we have only been home about 3 months in 594 could weaken our influence over our lackeys and subordinates. I would suggest a season or two of curtailing our travel for work on infrastructure and training. Just saying, we should consider this before or just after we go see the official from Gryrax. We so need teleport levels

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Reconstructing the time line
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