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 Carrows workshop

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PostSubject: Carrows workshop   Thu Jun 09, 2011 11:55 pm

You said you wanted a secure workshop for your alchemical studies, storage of herbs, your booze collection and such

the set prices for wood buildings are as such (wood a couple inches thick)
small 400sq ft 48gp
medium 800 72gp
large 1800 108
great 3600/2floors 240
grand 9600 sq on 3 floors = 450

Stone has the same buildings sizes (or something in between can be calculated.)
2 ft thick walls
prices @
Stone was calculated at 1.6x base price, wood and brick 1.2x base because they are sourced locally.
22,800 gp

I'm suggesting an in between quality of 1 ft thick, double or triple brick houses at the 1/2 the stone price. I still think brick should be cheaper per cubic foot than finished stone but I can find no references to compare, so we'll just go 1/2 thickness walls are 1/2 price

Likewise there should be a wadle and dob version of a the hut availabe very cheap.

You can also reduce the price somewhat by doing some of the labour.
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Carrows workshop
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