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 questions we need cleared up for Sunday

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PostSubject: questions we need cleared up for Sunday   Fri Jun 24, 2011 4:44 pm

Experimenting at the edge of the anti magic area at night invisible we need to know if
Polymorph works? From your explanation active magics keep working, meaning we could enter the area morphed and stay that way.
However can you continue to change forms once within the dead zone???

Can you activate items within the zone,, yes?, no? or the fail at the same rate as spells do?
an example would be , can the frost brand kill a fire within the zone, would a flame tongue light up?

most importantly does the portable hole open and close consistently within the zone

We also need a map of town with labels

map of where the humans are kept

standard operating procedures, are the humans locked up and or guarded at night?

how many guards and where?

how often are they checked at night, if checked?
Is the check a cursory glance or more intense?
how often if ever do they actually count the slaves?
where can we buy 200 dopplegangers? lol!

Are they all locked at night or are some out doing chores?

Level of discipline in garrison, how quickly would they notice a hole in defenses, a missing comrade etc

How many sleep at night where?

Is Soloman around or still boozing in greyhawk?

If yes any chance any of his skills are useful to this endeavor, psi Dimension door would be useful. I fear however that all his skills were metabolic ones

Does he have any communicative skills that he can check in on us from greyhawk via psi?

Since he's not been adventuring perhaps he's been paying for some personal training to keep up?

Are there any guests/Visitors of note in Cirdastan at this point?

Rest of the players!! anything of note I missed?
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PostSubject: Re: questions we need cleared up for Sunday   Sat Jun 25, 2011 4:31 pm

In no particular order:

items seem to function with no interruption.

Polymorph spells seem to have some difficulty when switching forms (failure to switch, cessation of spell).

Condition of slave quarters is similar to WWII concentration camps, with guards around the borders of th compound.

Nobody of note is in Cirdastan at this time.

Soloman was in Greyhawk last time you were there.
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questions we need cleared up for Sunday
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