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 Things to do near town - August 2011

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PostSubject: Things to do near town - August 2011   Sat Aug 06, 2011 10:38 am

I'd like to focus on local activities that, provide experience, generate cash and better secure the town.

From Carter's post:
Quote :

interdiction of Cantona,, not
an outright siege but doing our best to make sure they do not refill the
slave pens, import food, rebuild a fishing fleet, get regular

this might include a few small raids inside the camps
to trip down their numbers, destroy food stocks, tools, assassinate
leaders, or fouling the wells, forcing them to come out to the river for
water where we can pick them off or blow them up.

higher surveillance beyond our normal southern border

My intent is find, track and deal with the human auxiliaries controlled by the Pomarj.
the opportunity I would be willing to buy them off in an attempt to use
them as spys, lure other groups to their deaths, just get them to leave
or even let it be known that should they overthrow the orcs in the
town, we would not move to oust them.

While killing them is
probably the best option it would be nice to find a couple minor mages
that were redeemable, surely for some of them its simply a job (and one
they don't like) rather than an affinity for orcish domination.

More counter piracy

While not a priority I'd like to pick off another ship or two
1 Capturing ships is quite lucrative 1 ship = 1/2 tower
2. weaken the enemy, make shipping safer
3. add another ship to our fleet so the town still has a ship if we are out gallivanting

Eventually dealing with the mine
I have no doubt we will hear from the dwarves some time soon with one of several scenarios
Lost cause,
need help plugging holes
more nasties coming out of the underdark- please come help

and Ulthor liked the idea of messing with the Brotherhood's tentative
control of Onwal (sp) but others voiced concerns (rightly so) about
stirring up another enemy.

Still the information we have from the
s charmed monk might give us a lead for a good score, or a one off
attempt to knock off someone of power and or great loot. Bare minimum
we should give the intelligence to the Onwal resistance

Other regional job offers
getting know for our efficiency in doing dirty jobs, I'm sure something
will pop in if we hang around home long enough. In a pure number
crunching mode I'm sure 1 big adventure that takes 8 months of traveling
is not as efficient as 2 or 3 local adventure that we can do in a

Wife shopping

Face it, the young
nobles of Cirdastan are some of the most eligible bachelors in the
region, not only are we rich but we are gaining some small bit of fame
and notoriety by doing good deeds in the region, fighting the good fight
and founding a town.

Not only could it be of a political or
material advantage to find wives of status, I'm sure at least some of
our members would feels some need to ensure their work/money/legacy and
town get passed on to someone other than Soloman/Libram who will have
control after we all die while adventuring.

Attaching to
powerful families of greyhawk would be good but don't neglect the idea
of displaced nobles from overrun lands, they could be convinced to
settle and start over or at least have a retinue of retainers, men at
arms we could call upon in an emergency. Someone might get lucky and
score another mage/ priest/psionisist/adult movie actress

I'm actually surprised we've not be visited or contacted by people shopping their daughters around.

I am not feeling creative today so have nothing to add but, I like the first 5 items mentioned above. At this point I am not interested in wife shopping as I may already be married (are elves polygamists??) and until I know a bit about my past I don't think Harcourt would pursue that venue.

Cantona: I like this one as we need to keep the orcs from re-establishing. We may end up killing several and gaining more experience. I have some ideas and will pm the players.

Higher Surveillance to the south
: Although a good idea, I'm not sure if we should do this ourselves until we have teleport (in case things go really bad).

Counter Piracy: I like this idea the allot. Capturing ships, making it safer for travel, gaining experience and possibly accumulating wealth (ships can be sold or may carry treasure - ransoming detainees is also lucrative).

The Mine: Definitely something we should take care of. Experience and $$$ await (not to mention death and despair). The only issue is wehn will the dwarves report back.

Other Regional Offers: Of course we will take on this kind of thing but, unless Jonathan has them ready he will need some time to put it together.

In order of preference:

  1. The Mine
  2. Cantona (this could be a series of minor events over a long period of time - might not be a whole evening at this point)
  3. Counter Piracy
  4. Other Regional Job offers (I suspect that these would be simply to kill time until we level up). If Jonathan has one of these ready, I'd happily move it up the list
  5. Surveillance to the south
  6. Wife Shopping
That's my votes - any body else??
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PostSubject: Re: Things to do near town - August 2011   Sat Aug 06, 2011 2:40 pm

The mine is dependant on what the dwarves come back with, not something we can innitiate.

Wife shopping was not a major point but more a sideline thru email role playing over time, of course if someone was willing to try the exiled noble familes it could be a good link to jobs,, "I'd willingly give you X as a dowery if I still had it. This is the map to where it my treasure is stashed." hint hint.

Like most royal familes in back a couple hundred years I suspect any attempt to marry noble, or even high merchant will be a political negotiation not a proper courting. We could make some announcement that several of the lords of Cirdastan are looking for wives and see if anyone comes around making offers. We may not have made enough of a splash to be noticed by the really high types but lower, younger bloodlines may not care about our peasant backgrounds.

That said those wishing to wed could hang around anyone of several regional towns/cities, picking up word of other local jobs, shopping out Cantona to another group who'd help us or at least move in after we empty it. While giving it away may seem foolish to some,, we can't hold it and I'd really a supportive neighbour and a relatively safe overland route up the coast.
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PostSubject: Re: Things to do near town - August 2011   Sat Aug 06, 2011 4:17 pm

Unless we get a vote going we may end up doing whatever Jonathan has ready...

As far as the wife shopping goes:

I know of a 6 foot tall, extremely flexible, drop dead gorgeous, talented, higher level bard type who is nothing short of dynamite with a bow.

Not only does she know what men want (having been one), but she would be extremely useful as a member of the party. She can sing, dance, play a mandolin (sorry no skin flute), she knows like 30% of everything, she can climb, pick locks, move silently, cast spells and kill things with stunning efficiency and prowess with the aforementioned bow.

The only real drawbacks is that at some point she may revert to being a man. affraid Crying or Very sad Embarassed No
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PostSubject: Re: Things to do near town - August 2011   

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Things to do near town - August 2011
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