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 Cirdastan's order of battle

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PostSubject: Cirdastan's order of battle   Mon Aug 22, 2011 8:36 pm

51 Light infantry level 1 xbow/halberd chain/ body shield with stand/spikes for use as portable mantlet

10 heavy level 2 Lbow/sword plate/shield

7 heavy level 2 lbow/sword chain/shield

120 Levy A level 1 mixed missile/pike chain/Body shield

60 Levy B fishers 0 Pikes(proficient)/xbows(not)

10 Rildian's level 3 mixed weapons, 2 sets armour
leather/chain for sulking
plate for the wall

8 officers 4-7th

9 past and present members of the party

1 7th priest Cirda

4 3rd priests of Crida

Orcs bane- 2 left, 2 dead, 1 MIA

50 new hires which may just cower- but there is xbow/pikes and mismatched armour for all , leather/hide

10 Balista 30 crew
Several pieces of artillery, 3 catapult, 4 manapult

2 Giants (human base adapted) 3 giants (dog based, not adapted.)
1m/1fm 1M/2 fm

and 50-100 citizens given support jobs like carrying rocks to the wall, supply food, water, arrows, removing the injured to triage, fighting fires ect.

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Cirdastan's order of battle
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