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 Ulthor's been busy,

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PostSubject: Ulthor's been busy,   Sun Aug 28, 2011 10:57 pm

Ok I got permission to detail some of what Ulthor would have been doing with his life , and then it inevitably led me beyond what I proposed,, lets see if I get slapped down

1 building a temple

What I had envisioned for Ulthorís temple is a 30x90 footprint, 30x60 being a 22 ft high single floor temple and the remaining 30x30 area being a 2 story rectory tacked on the back end giving 1800 sq ft of worship, which is enough to accommodate his max number of worshipers attracted, In addition is 1800 sq ft of rectory space for 1 or more priest/ lay people who would mind the church while Ulthor is out killing things. As Ulthorís tower would be very close to the Temple I would expect that he would live there not the rectory.

This design runs about equal to the cubic feet of a Great stone building in the castle book and would receive a 1.6 multiplier for being foreign stone we have to ship in and an additional .4 tacked on because it has to be finished up nice and worship worth. The end price should run about 20k

The job would take approx. 600 man weeks to complete structurally at which time it could be consecrated but like most medieval cathedrals the decoration might not be finished for a considerable time as only a small crew would be doing carvings, friezes, and play rooms for the young boys. Ulthor would hire 15 masons, 15 grunts, his own crew of carpenters, and an additional smith for a total of 35 workmen would be hired making construction time about 17 weeks. Labour would not be redirected from the wall job.

We will assume that construction was started some weeks ago but the temple is not finished, not consecrated, and Ulthor is not yet 8th level, therefore we cannot expect Ulthorís mass of new troops to come to our rescue. Completion would be 1d4+6 weeks after the resolution of our current crisis.

2. Staffing the new temple

Ulthor wants at least 1 additional under priest (ulthor is higher level he gets to be on top) to deal with general housekeeping and maintaining worship when he is traveling

With the temple construction started a notice/request to Greyhawk would be made mentioning the need for an extra priest, (unless someone local decides on a career change)

He would also need a couple of old ladies dressed in black who clean the pews and stuff.

3. Staffing his personal tower

As his tower is now complete, Ulthor (and other players /or other NPCs getting towers) need to decide on staff levels for their personal space.

For his personal tower heíd need cook, butler/manservant/housekeeper. 2 people

6 Guards to protect his personal stuff as well as defend the tower (with the help of city guards in case of attack)

When I figured out the cost of towers I included 2 ballista for each tower roof, the players however will have to decide if they want to hire guards with this added ability or hire 2 extra artillerists for running the weapon and use your guards as labour to crank it back. The draw back is, if people are running the ballista they are not available to guard the doors, or knock people off the wall, think well on this young jedi

Ulthor will attempt 2 dedicated artillerists for aiming and commanding but the other guards will all be trained to assist and crank.

The request for these 8 military men would be sent to the Greyhawk temple, asking someone there to act as agent to hire respectable, qualified men.(we could assume that these guys while hired early are really party of his post temple followers)

4. Buying a good toy

I wasnít really told to make this decisions but as rest of us are considering it and Ulthor would have seen what a nice item I bought I believe heíd want something akin to better take the fight to the worldís nasty things.

I donít know what Ulthor would want or exactly what his order would allow him to use but Letís just say heís willing to spend another 20K and Jonathan can cook up something appropriate for a priest of his ilk.
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Ulthor's been busy,
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