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 Libram's retirement

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PostSubject: Libram's retirement    Mon Aug 29, 2011 12:07 pm

I figured I may as well put forward a reasonable scenario for Libram's time now that he's retired from active adventuring and become town bound.

Anybody else want to do something similar and appropriate
for Rotok?

Libram is well content that his brothel and hotel are now open for business, he spends a great deal of his time there. The only other large project he suggested was the turning basin and dry dock which is being dug slowly as the brick clay is extracted on the north bank of the river.

His tower

Libram has not bothered hiring any live in household staff choosing rather to cook for himself those meals he doesnít just go to the hotel or sneak into the barracks. Likewise to ensure his privacy
laundry is sent out and cleaners are let in by the guards only when heís not at home, which is most of his waking hours.

Doing nothing by halves, Libram has 6 regular guards, and is training 2 full ballista crews/guards. He prefers however that the
guards spend most of their shifts on the roof and outside his doors rather than getting in his way inside. The only
internal deterrent people know about is a hounds man and two massive war dogs who live near by and stay in the tower when Libram is out. Rumors around the building crews are that a several traps may have been built into the tower, whether real or not the rumor itself is a strong deterrent.

Forest camps and caches

Libram having decided against further travel with the other Lords of Cirdastan still has enough wanderlust and desire to be in the wild that he often goes scouting with Orcs Bane or disappears into the wilds for days at a time. While some of these trips include taking one
of his favorites from the brothel away for a weekend, other times he leaves with mules heavily laden with sealed urns of food, weather proofed bundles of arrows, other misc weapons and building supplies. While some believe heís building a rural love
shack Libram and Orcís Bane have been building concealed watch
posts in the forest along logical paths, as well as stocking a score food and weapons caches along their usual patrol routes.

Libram, the members of Orc's Bane and Sharna know the placement of at least one cache every 15 miles along their normal patrol routes inland to the Celene border, along the river border,
and back down the other river that defines the peninsula.

The two watch posts currently built are at the top of the valley where the sky ship was found and one deeper towards the Celene border.
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Libram's retirement
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