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 Dragon Hoard

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PostSubject: Dragon Hoard   Mon Jan 23, 2012 8:44 pm

After all of our efforts to move and distribute the wealth here is the Dragon Hoard that remains in our possession. Please review and correct my "oopsies"

From the 1st teleport trip
4584 PP
122 gems (base 100gp) - DM to advise final values
60 gems (base 1000gp) - DM to advise final values
Various Jewelery (20) of some value (DM to provide value)
Large platinum chess set
16 silver throwing daggers
8 miniature gold fish

From the 2nd teleport trip
12 30 pound chunks of adamantite (4200 gp each)
Various art objects - DM to provide value
Magic items that were not put to immediate use or sold

From the 3rd teleport trip
59540 gp
57889 ep
17 crates of silk (250gp each) used to wrap the gold and electrum

From the 1st wagon ride
2352 pp (120,000sp * 98% / 50)
We did not get a value on the dragon hide and scales brought back on this ride (assume is in storage)
25,000 gp promisory note re the sale of 4 suits of magical armour
Glass steel aquarium

From the garage sale
2011 gp promisory note (for the sale of excess silver that would not fit on the 2nd wagon load at 70% of value)
615gp for the sale of the copper pieces
8000 gp promisory note for Miscellaneous items in the hoard

From the second wagon ride
2352 pp re the sale of the same amount of silver as above
More dragon scales and hide put into storage
An ornate carriage (~20,000gp currently in storage)

In the lake (all of this is with the party)
Ivory unicorn
Ring (magical??????)
6 gems (100gp, 134gp, 200gp, 500gp, 500gp, 2000gp)
4446cp (that stayed at the bottom of the lake - the only thing we did not sell)

Magic items (unsure what is with party and what is in Greyhawk)
Cloak of Fire resistance (likely with a party member)
Robe of blending (likely with a party member - Wilhelmina will ask to borrow this until possession is diced - much like Paul's shield)
Ring of "Swiming" (the dreaded)
Plate Mail (sold)
Plate Mail (sold)
Plate Mail (sold)
Plate Armour (sold)
Battle Axe (likely at the bar)
Large Shield (stronger vs missiles - Likely with Paul's guy)
Large Shield (from the fire giants?? - likely at the bar)
Maul of the Titans (likely at the bar)
Two-Handed Sword
Giant 2-handed sword (likely at the bar)
4 Spell books (with the party)
15 potions (with the party)
6 clerical scrolls (with the party) (Heal, Tongues, Spk w dead, Hold Person, EARTHQUAKE, Conjure Fire Elemental, Sanctuary)
2 Wizard scrolls (with the party) (Phase Door, Minor Globe of)
I'm sure I'm missing some of the pre-dragon items as I wasn't keeping records
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Hoard   Tue Jan 24, 2012 10:09 am

The spell books were dragon sized and would been shrunk and teleported. If you want a spell speak now and transcribe it or it will be out of reach for our next journey.

We would only have used a crate or two to bundle the coins,, pick the ugly colours.

the Rest of the silk I would have teleported back to greyhawk over the course of my week in the groto with Ingrid.
In fact I might have run some of it off to the local tailor and get some fancy clothes for court use. Perhaps get something frilly made for Ingrid and a real slut costume or 2 for Willie. After all Servants and body guards for high price courtesan might turn out to be a good cover for our group at some time.
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Hoard   Tue Jan 24, 2012 11:34 pm

Good job, Doug. It matches most of what I have.

Some additions, values, and a coin total got the Hoard (only):

From the Ogres and Fire Giants

Magic items

Scarab of Protection (Craemourne is wearing it)
Short Sword of Quickness
Oil of Sharpness
Bone scroll tube with Protection from Water Elementals

1 potion of Healing
1 potion of Clairvoyance


10 "valuable" gems (Rock creatures lair)

Belt pouch 200 p.p., a ruby, 2 gold arm bands (Fire Giants)
Belt pouch 200 p.p., a diamond, 2 gold armbands;
Belt pouch 100 p.p., an emerald, 2 silver armbands
Belt pouch 100 p.p., diamond, 2 silver armbands,
Belt pouch 100 p.p., diamond, 2 iron armbands

Ogres: 120 g.p., 6 g.p., 50 p.p


Leomundís Chest (pair, worth a minimum of 5000 g.p. according to the spell)
Silver candelabra

Large platinum chess set value: 10, 000 g.p.

Magic items:

One shield came from the dead warrior
The warrior also had a sword, moderate magic,

Sceptre/tiara (coach): very strong


Cloudy Green
Opaque Orange: Speed
Blue Syrup: Elixir of Health
Clear with Blue Flecks
Pink Syrup
Cloudy and Pink
Clear Light Brown: Polymorph
Clear Orange: Clairvoyance
iridescent Clear Blue
Brown Syrup
Yellow Syrup:Elixir of Youth
Clear with White Flecks: ? of X giant strength?
Cloudy Blue
Clear with Green Flecks: Water breathing

Spell books: 4 books, Made of carved wooden plates , wrapped in furry stuff, to be appraised

Magic Missile, Light, ESP, invisibility, Audible Glamour, Haste, Slow, Phantasmal Force, Hallucinatory Terrain, Polymorph Other, Identify, Preserve*, Dispel Magic, Light, Read Magic, Polymorph Self.

Totals for coins that I have:

120,000 s.p.
57, 889 e.p.
59,540 g.p.
4, 584 p.p.
2352 p.p. for the silver
25,000 g.p. note n Greyhawk for the armour
2011 g.p. for silver in the cave
8000 g.p. for junk in the cave
615 g.p. for the copper pieces in the cave

Found in the Lake:

A ring
Small statue of unicorn
6 gems: 100, 134, 200, 2x 500. 2000
67 p.p.
156 g.p.
403 s.p.
4476 c.p.

I need spells since I gained a new level. Mind if we hold up so I can train and learn a few spells?
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Hoard   Tue Jan 24, 2012 11:40 pm

Tiara and scepter were not magic
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PostSubject: Re: Dragon Hoard   

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Dragon Hoard
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