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 Potions & Elixirs with Colours

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PostSubject: Potions & Elixirs with Colours   Sat Jun 09, 2012 5:28 am

Add to the list, correct it, change it, have fun.

Potions & Elixirs with Colours

Clairvoyance: Clear Orange,
Elemental Control: ?
Fly: Cloudy Red
Gaseous Form: Cloudy Orange
Giant Strength (Type of Giant unknown): Clear with White Flecks
Heal: Light Blue
Invisibility: Clear Pink
invulnerability: Opaque Blue
Longevity: Clear Purple
Polymorph: Clear w/White Flecks (?)/Clear Light Brown as well?
Speed: Opaque Orange
Super Heroism: Cloudy, Dark Green
Ventriloquism: Cloudy Brown
Water Breathing: Clear w/Green Flecks

Elixir of Health: Blue Syrup
Elixir of Youth: Yellow Syrup


Cloudy Green
Clear with Blue Flecks
Cloudy Pink
Clear Blue
Cloudy Blue
Brown Syrup
Pink Syrup

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Potions & Elixirs with Colours
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