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 rough Cirdastan Census

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PostSubject: rough Cirdastan Census    Mon Apr 29, 2013 9:52 pm


all able-bodied men of age have been enlisted in the militia, regardless of profession
nearly no unfit men joined the colony at start, have not had time to grow old and feeble, few if any mangled vetrans
50% of settlers took advantage of the land grants and have settled with family
families units have a size of 4, (soldier +3)

order of battle = 264 men + NPC and PC
264 soldiers +(264 x.5x3)
264 +396 = 660 commoners +25 NPC and PCs
Total permanent population is approx. 685 people

5% transitional people, traders, adventures, ship crew, religious pilgrims/scholars

At any one time there are approx. 720 people in the city state of Cirdastan.


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rough Cirdastan Census
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