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 Weapon table (sneak peek)

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PostSubject: Weapon table (sneak peek)   Tue Apr 22, 2014 10:39 pm

WeaponSkillAttack mod.Damage Mod.Damage TypeWPMSpeedRC (Reach class)*LengthWt.Dur. Mod.Average Durability
Shield, bucklerShield-use–11ImpactN/A–111'–1.5'3 lb.+510
Shield, heaterShield-use–22ImpactN/A–212'5 lb.+510
Shield, kiteShield-use–23Impact–314.5'10 lb.+510
Shield, roundShield-use–22ImpactN/A–212.5'7 lb.+510
Battle-axe (2H)Axe05Edged+1–322'–3'2–3 lb.+38
Battle-axe 2HAxe07Edged+2–32, 33', 4'3–6 lb.+38
FranciscaAxe03Edged+1–211.5'3 lb.+49
Maul (tool) 2HAxe06Impact+2–423'9 lb.+49
Poleaxe 2HAxe09Edged+3–43, 45', 6'–7'7.5 lb.+38
War hammer (2H)Axe06Impact+1–322'2–3 lb.+510
Blackjack / sapClub01Impact0–110.75'2 lb.-10-5
Club (2H)Club05Impact+1–222'–3'3–5 lb.+49
Mace (2H)Club06Impact+1–322'–3'2–4 lb.+510
Mattock (tool) 2HClub06Edged+2–32, 33', 4'5 lb.+49
Morningstar 2HClub08Impact+2–32, 33', 4'–5'5 lb.+38
Quarterstaff 2HClub05Impact+3–14, 56', 7'–8'3.5 lb.+38
DaggerDagger0Piercing0–111'1 lb.+38
KnifeDagger0Piercing–1–110.75'0.5 lb.+16
Bullwhip (tool)Whip0–5Impact–4–347.5'3 lb.-9-4
ScourgeWhip01Impact–3–323'1 lb.-50
Flail, footman’s 2HFlail09Impact+2–535'5.5 lb.+38
Flail, horseman’s (2H)Flail06Impact0–322.5'2.5 lb.+38
Javelin (2H)Spear0Piercing+2–246'3 lb.+38
Lance 2HSpear0Piercing+2–35, 6, 78'–9', 10'-11', 12'12 lb.+38
Pike 2HSpear0Piercing+2–2712'7 lb.+38
Spear (2H)Spear0Piercing+2–235'4 lb.+38
Trident (2H)Spear0Piercing+2–234.5'4.5 lb.+38
Bastard sword (2H)Sword05Edged+2–334'4.5 lb.+914
Claymore 2HSword07Edged+3–334.5'5.5 lb.+914
FalchionSword05Edged+2–222.5'2–3 lb.+914
ScimitarSword05Edged+2–223'3.5 lb.
Short swordSword03Edged+1–211.5'2 lb.+914
SwordSword05Edged+2–223'2.5 lb.+914
Two-handed sword 2HSword08Edged+2–33, 45', 6'5–7 lb.+914
Man catcher 2HMan catcher0N/ASpecial+3–358'5.5 lb.+38
*RC shown is for Scale 6 combatants.

  • 2H = must be used 2-handed
  • (2H) = for spear attacks, if used 2-handed, attack, WPM, and speed are increased by 1; for other weapons, if used 2-handed, damage, WPM, and speed are increased by 1
  • WPM = Weapon Parry Modifier.
  • If a weapon's length is not given, assume the shortest one listed in the table for the weapon
  • If the damage type for a weapon with multiple damage types is not stated before the attack roll is made, assume the one listed first for the weapon
  • The skill column indicates the skill that is used for the weapon's attack type. Thus, thrusting with a sword is based on the Spear skill. Axe, Club, and Sword are related to each other; your skill experience for a related weapon skill is at least 1/2 the experience in other related weapons (e.g., if your skill experience is 11 in Sword, you have at least 5 in Club and Axe).

For weapons shown in two rows, each row represents an attack type (e.g., edged, piercing)

Piercing weapons have a special damage modifier, not shown in the table.

Ranged weapons are on a different table.
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Weapon table (sneak peek)
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