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 Product labelling

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PostSubject: Product labelling   Tue May 18, 2010 2:23 pm

We didn't come to a conclusion about this on the weekend, so I'm pursuing it here.

Carter, your thesis was that food producers should be forced to label their goods.

I concur that labelling is desirable for consumers; we differ in that I maintain it ought to be voluntary. I agree that fraudulent labelling ought to be subject to legal action; furthermore, I aver that a faulty or harmful product likewise ought to be actionable because it deviates from what the consumer reasonably understood he was buying. False labelling and grossly unacceptable product contents ought to be grounds for legal remedy, I am claiming, because they violate the property rights that the implied sales contract guarantees.

How, then, do you justify the use of force against food producers who do not agree with your opinions? (Force includes violence and threats backed with violence.) Feel free to reiterate anything you said on Sunday.

(I invite anyone to respond.)
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Product labelling
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