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 Designing an item

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PostSubject: Designing an item   Fri Aug 12, 2011 1:38 pm

Of course this is very dependant on costing but what I'm thinking of is a

Bastard Sword perfectly balanced and sized for Rild of course

+3 +5 vs evil (mabye some extra effect against devils or demons)

returns on metal command if lost (owner can be reasigned only after my permanent death, some lengthy ceremony required so someone can't just grab it and take ownership)

allows one teleport without error per week, (allowing me an out when I run off and do stupid things without backup.)

Of course I would supply the metal and perhaps depending on what spells are needed for blessing, praying, de evilifying it, Lysse or Ulthor could pick up the slack.. If weird shit is required we have bones and samples from some the big evil at the dwarf mine site.

I could commission soloman to work this out for me and supply details, if he gets its done he could earn enough for a light sword or dagger.

This request would go off to soloman with the Harcourt corpse report

The other option would be a Halberd +5 of speed.
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Designing an item
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