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 making me some money

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PostSubject: making me some money   Tue Apr 13, 2010 11:05 pm

Ok I have several types of booze to make and sell

each casting is 9sq ft + 67 gallons= 268 bottles

I will make 1 batch of Elvin Grand wood wine,, (I paid 3gp) making fair value for 268 bottles about 804 gold (my measurements are based full pint bottles not just a 26oz bottle so there is already a economy built into my product)

Because its a barrel and not bottles, and being a volume batch I'll start bargaining at 550gp

Bargaining skill is 5 and 32% Charisma 15

1 batch of Iron Gate Gnomish Burbon @2pg a bottle or 536gp for all of it.
Bargaining starts at 350gp , Irongates fairly far away

As well I'll make one gallon of high quality Relastra Perfum
32 4oz vials, @6 gp each for 192gp haggling starts at 115gp

And to make it look more legit, I have several other barrels holding a variety of house wines ranging in the 4-7gp per barrel range, and promise I can deliver more of these if needed.

I've emailed you a spread sheet of all of the viable liquids on in the whole realms book
Not having prices before I did not bother collecting samples for most of these so from this point forward I will puruse cities looking to increase the selection of things I can create, starting in this town

Have a look at the list and tell me what if anything I can aquire here plus add let me know of any regional specialities this far south.
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making me some money
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